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...offers a unique opportunity to conduct an unusual interview, asking questions that might otherwise be deemed too eccentric in a conventional format. Joseph del Pesco invited the peripatetic artist and photographer Curran Hatleberg to answer 14 questions, with images.

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or Zettai Tokyo

A book of 9 short stories about fictional museums, The Museum Took a Few Minutes to Collect Itself was published by Art Metropole and Fogo Island Arts. Drawn from residencies on Fogo Island and Toronto Island, and travels to Lisbon, Mexico City, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Paris, etc. The stories in this collection are part fable, part thought experiment, and incorporate dozens of references to artworks and experimental institutions from the history of art.

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Published by Art Metropole in 2018
250 copies


Frank, a publishing imprint, commissioned me to write a short essasy for Piotr Szyhalski’s book COVID-19: Labor Camp Report, now sold out. "The book embodies Szyhalski’s ceaseless and diligent practice, one that continues to provoke, confront, comfort, and inspire." Szyhalski’s epic collection of 225 drawings, made once a day during 2020, offers a space to confront the complexity, uncertainty, absurdity of the pandemic, with equal parts compassion and criticality. The essay was reprinted in Bmore Art coinciding with the public display of the entire series in summer 2021.

Published by Frank in 2021
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Courtesy August Sanders Archive

Courtesy August Sanders Archive

Timed Exposure is an essay about photography NFTs, the August Sander Archive, and “The World Today,” a large-scale commission inviting 138 photographers from 91 countries to capture one hundred images each over the course of six weeks. Billed as “a visual time stamp of the 21st century,” it will feature 13,800 images altogether, the largest photography commission ever..

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All for the Want of a Whisper
Take-away poster, printed in 7 different variations of grey
Referencing the colors of fog on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada
Presented at Scrap Metal, Toronto, 2017
and Galeria 3+1, Lisbon, 2022

"I wasn’t sure we were onto something until I learned that in 1992 artist Cady Noland, well known for her complex portrayals of a violent and divided America, once attached a contract to the sale of two artworks that set specific terms—if the work was resold, 15 percent of the profits would be sent to Partnership for the Homeless. What little is known about this contract suggests it was attached to two silk-screen prints. Fortunately Partnership is still running decades later, so if those artworks were resold today they would generate an unexpected donation to a deserving nonprofit. And as an incentive for going to the trouble, the (re)seller would be eligible for a tax deduction."

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Artnet news
July 27, 2020

London-Based Art/Design Collective Creates David Simon’s Baltimore in the South of France: An Interview by Joseph del Pesco

BmoreArt Magazine, 2018
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Published on SFMOMA's writing platform Open Space, this essay is a memorial for Bill Berkson and Ted Purves.

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September 22, 2017

A short essay on the video The Pixelated Revolution, by Rabih Mroué, a contribution to the book: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 360: Views on the Collection

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Published by SFMOMA in 2016

Moments in a Fictional Life from Birth to Death...
published by Artport, Tel Aviv

Bay Area Art and the (Counter) Culture of Silicon Valley
With Christian Nagler for the Six Lines of Flight exhibition, SFMOMA, 2012

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Each nation lasts about as long as an average exhibition, eight to twelve weeks. On the evening that the current nation closes, its flag, sewn only weeks ago, is slowly lowered and the anthem sung for the last time. No need for a coup d’état. Those with positions in the administration, who’ve barely slept in their short run of the nation, are happy to return to their homes. A new president is elected by the following weekend, and a new constitution ratified before the full moon. Only those present in the museum during the transition of power may vote and be called citizens. Passports are issued, and customs officials replace box­-office attendants, gallery guards are transformed into the national guard.

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