del Pesco invited curators to write or select a single sentence, making each word in the sentence a hyperlink to an image, video, text, or other ‘web object’. As a result, the title of the exhibition becomes a compact architecture, accompanying the reader as they explore far-reaching corners of the internet.

A revision of The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement created by conceptual art curator-publisher Seth Siegelaub and lawyer Robert Projansky in New York in 1971. del Pesco commissioned lawyer Laurence Eisenstein and historian Lauren van Haaften-Schick to help reimagine and update the contract’s resale royalty clause to redistribute the royalty to a charitable organization designated by the artist. In this way, the wealth created by the resale of an artwork might serve a general good, as a future investment in organizations that exemplify the values of the artist.

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del Pesco invited a group of artists to select one of the historical paintings collected on this website, and to imagine what's happening on the pages of the book, or in the mind of the women reading it. These paintings were found in museum collections around the world, gathered by project collaborator Enar de Dios Rodriguez.

Artists: Christine Sun Kim, Marcelline Delbecq, Adriana Lara, Malak Helmy, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

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A partnership between seven international arts organizations, A River Waits Reply presented moving-image works from around the world in response to the global pandemic. The summer of 2020 invited new modes of exchange at a distance, and a long overdue reckoning with deep social and political inequity. The transnational collaboration represents new forms of solidarity. All seven institutions simultaneously hosted each video (presented as a weekly series) on their websites. Each work was selected by a partner organization as a response to the videos that preceded it, producing a cascading sequence and a winding river of thought, interpreted through the aesthetic and social values of their respective cultural context. Organized in collaboration with Catalina Lozano.

Argos, Brussels
Gasworks, London
KADIST, San Francisco & Paris
MOCA Toronto
Museo Tamayo, Mexico City
Para Site, Hong Kong
Pivô, São Paulo


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